Friday, September 20, 2013

Top 3 Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes For Women of Color

Hello Bloggers! I know it's been a VERY long while since I've updated this blog but I do have valid reasons for that. I was busy with my primary blog and other issues relating to college. I hope to be  able to update this blog at least once a week. Now, the topic of today's post is a review on the top five neutral eyeshadow palettes for women of color aka women who aren't white. Also, the price range for these products are within $20.00 - $100.00. Not more, not less. I've used a lot of neutral palettes and these five are the ones that I found to be very vibrant and most neutral looking on tanned skin. Here are the top 5 eyeshadow palettes:

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette 

This is my ultimate favorite palette out of the five simply because of the diversity of neutral looks that can be created with it. From very subtle and almost non existent to a warm, smoky, classy look. 12 different shades ranging from light pink to black and silver, the Naked Palette from Urban Decay is the most versatile makeup palette that can be used by anyone to create that simple look. The colors are very vibrant and the palette would last you up to a year of usage. The best thing about this is that it comes with its own eye primer and good quality eyeshadow brush.  Saves you the bucks on purchasing a primer and a brush! The packaging is very beautiful with its brown felt cover which is very comfortable to hold. The colors reflect very well on tanned skin and it has a long lasting effect. The current market price for this shouldn't exceed $60.00.

2. Too Faced Natural Eyeshadow

For those of you who are well acquainted with the Too Faced product range, you will notice that their most attractive feature is their Venetian inspired design for the packaging. I absolutely love this about their products, especially the cute and artsy designs that they have on the palette! The reason this palette is on my list is that the colors are very smooth and almost creme like in texture so it's much easier to apply onto the eyelids without requiring a brush. This palette also allows for a variety of looks ranging from smoky to neutral, barely-there looks. The fact that this palette is also small and compact makes it easier to carry around for emergency situations. 

Tanned women would benefit the most from this palette because the richness of the colors set off a very nice glow to the face as well as great depth for the 'naked' look. 

The price range for this is between $25.00-$40.00 and can be bought from any Sephora or online store. (Although it's much better to buy it at Sephora in order to avoid buying any fake/imitation palettes)

3. Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate Eye Palette

Personally, Bobbi Brown has one of the best ranges for makeup when it comes to finding the right shade for women of color. This Rich Chocolate eye palette is amazing! The colors could not have been more fitting for tanned women/darker skinned women. Its almost as if, Bobbi Brown had that in mind when coming up with the colors for this palette. The colors are suitable for daytime and nighttime looks. Also perfect for formal or informal events. It comes with a great quality brush and the colors last up to 20 hours with a primer and 12 hours without a primer. 

The price range for this product won't exceed $60.00 (Last time I checked, it was priced at $52.00). This can be bought at a Bobbi brown Outlet, Sephora or ordered online at Sephora or the Bobbi Brown website. 

I hope you enjoy this post and try out these products yourself! Have fun because it's makeup, not war! :) 


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