Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Let your lips do the talking

Hello fashion fanatics! Before you accuse me of being a liar, I have to justify myself by saying, I was honestly really busy these past two weeks and i have sincerely not forgotten about this blog. I actually spent that time trying to come up with some fashion tips (which honestly takes time) and some beauty essentials too. So finally i decided to write a piece about the ever famous color red. And the red that I am referring to is actually lipstick! Red lipstick has always been prevalent from the time of Cleopatra until the time of Selena Gomez. Even though to some its considered a very bold color it is actually good for brightening up a person's skin tone and giving a certain glow to the person's face.

The best thing about red lipstick is that it suits every occasion depending on how much you wear. It can be used for a night look with some smokey eyes and bright red blush or it can be used for a daytime look with some natural brown toned eye makeup (or no makeup at all) and bronzed cheeks for contouring. Different shades of red can give a different effect to the skin tone and the look of an individual which is why it is very crucial to choose the right color for your skin tone.

For The Fair Skinned (Caucasian)
If you are European, American, Canadian, Arab or are generally Caucasian then the best tones for you would be bright red. Why? Because it would enhance the glow of your skin and it would reduce the appearance of an oily face. For an everyday look, the red lipstick can be paired with simple black eyeliner and lightly bronzed cheeks and for a more dramatic look (as always) pair it up with orange or red blushed cheeks and dark eye makeup. My recommendation for some colors for the Caucasian skinned are Estee Lauder Rich Red and Shiseido 415. 

For the Dark Skinned/ Caramel Skinned:
If you are either dark skinned or creole (or a caramel African , Indian or Hispanic) then bright red is not the right color for you. Then again it depends on the darkness of your skin tone but on a more general note, it doesn't work for all dark skinned women. A more suitable color would be a deep, dark red that's almost close to plum colored. this works great for any occasion but when overdone it can look cheap and disturbing. If you are extremely dark skinned then a deep red would only make your skin look more dull. Maybe a mix of some deep orange and red would brighten up your lips and make your skin dance with a bright glow. I would recommend a mix of MAC Russian Red (the regular one or the Wonder Woman series) and Neon Orange Lipstick from Max Factor.

For the Asian or Ivory Skinned:
If you are Malaysian, Thai, Filipino, Korean, Japanese, Kazakhstani or are generally Asian then the best tones for you would be a deep, rich shade of red and orange. Now orange might seems likea very risky choice here but trust me, I've seen it work really well on ivory skin. it gives it that polished and sophisticated look. The best recommendation for some colors for the Ivory skinned are Tangerine Tango from Bobbi Brown and Lipstick Queen Rouge Sinner by Poppy King.

So overall, red lipstick is the golden glue for both a sophisticated and fun look. try it today! 

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  1. I love this! Most people don’t even know what skin tone they are… they just assume they are warm in they’re tan and cool if they’re pale, but that’s not true. I actually wrote a blog article that has some great tricks and tips. Check it out and let me know what you think!
    xoxo, WearToStandOut