Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Path to Greater Skin

Hello beauties! I have finally done it! After years of searching high and low, experimentation and delving into the deepest depths of the beauty underworld, I have finally found the secret to maintaining the softness and clarity of my skin. And that, my friends is through the use of natural ingredients. I'm not talking about products that claim to be made from natural ingredients but the actual plants and fruits themselves. 

Avocados, Oranges, Lemons, Honey, Mangoes and so much more! One fine day, I noticed my skin looking very bumpy and decided to stop using this new Neem extract face wash. Then I took the initiative and bought myself two avocados and beat them to a paste, added some lemon juice and created a face mask which I have been using these past two weeks. And I'm telling you, the results have been amazing! My insanely large pores are smaller, my discoloration is fading plus my scars are fading. 

I have even resorted to replacing my expensive facial toner with just simple lemon juice, twice a day and it has definitely made my skin look luminous and visibly stunning. Seeing such positive results has prompted me to keep experimenting with other fruit induced masks and facial washes so as to have an au-naturel complexion and that way I can easily break up with my foundation and concealer :)

My road to better skin starts here. 

When will yours begin?

Remember, It's beauty, not war. 


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