Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fashion Wonderland: The Beginning

Hello everyone! All my old and new readers as well. It seems as if I'm on a roll with this second blog and the first one. Many of you are probably unaware that I am a huge fashion fanatic and that I thrive on sarcastic fashion reviews. What makes this blog different from the other one is that it wouldn't be as socially adhesive nor as wordy but 95% of the content will be on fashion, style, casting calls for any modeling competitions and some clips here and there. There will also be an "Accessory of the Week" feature every week and also other recurrent features like "Favorite model" or "Must Have Fashion Item Countdowns", "Makeup tips" and some tips on how to look great with a minimum budget. The inspiration for the name of this blog stems from a line that is always commonly used ---> "Those shoes with that dress?".

I hope this blog can be a fashion inspiration for a lot of people and that I will continue to inspire people. And so my fashion journey begins.  Enjoy, and for any suggestions or fashion advice, Just email me and I will definitely reply :) Happy Reading! 

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